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Announcing our new and improved customer 24-7, 365 day a year Service Department!

The word from our President...

I have devoted my entire adult life for the past 27 years to helping my 25 thousand valued customers live longer, healthier, happier lives.

We have over 600 certified technicians accross the nation and 2 thousand truck drivers that we rely on to provide expectional service to our customers.

We use the largest, most reputable companies in the industry and they do a phenomenal job 95% of the time.
The other 5% of the time there are issues that arise as a result of our 3rd party vendors not providing perfect service as we require.
In the past, our customers have always blamed us as the escapegoat for the shortcummings of our third party vendors.
In an effort to provide our customers with the very best service in the fitness industry,i am very pleased to announce the newly created position of our new Customer Relations Manager Henry Aguilar.

I have decided to concur this significant additonal expense in an effort to proactively assure each and every one of my valued coustomers has an absolutely perfect service experience with my company.

It occured to me that millions of people are exercising on the weekends, in the mornings, in the evenings, and outside of typical Customer Service hours, Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm, and when they experience a service issue on the weekends, our goal is to troubleshoot over the phone to help solve the problem so our customer can get right back on their equipment and achive their fitness goals.
I am so excited about this insdustry-leading service program that i have developed and I look forward to helping you and your loved ones achieve your full fitness potential!

Health and Happiness,
Jim "Super Gym" Rosen, President and Founder of

Excellent Feedback For Jonathan Beran at

Jonathan was super friendly, very knowledgeable, answered all my questions, even worked with me on the price of the treadmill to be in my budget. Jonathan was one of the main reasons I purchased the treadmill from Another reason was the price of the high quality treadmill that FreeMotion makes, and it's made in the USA. I would always buy an American product over a cheaply made Chinese product. Jonathan is an asset to your company. Keep up the great work.

Fitness Blowout Review for Nico Taylor

Great guy very friendly and helpful in solving problem of lost order from previous week by another salesman.

Excellent Feedback For Nico Taylor at

Very helpful, knowledgable


What a great customer service experience with a top-rate, knowledgable, very friendly fitness sales expert!

Chris was absolutely phenomenal! What a great customer service experience with a top-rate, knowledgable, very friendly fitness sales expert! Chris is the kind of person that talks to you like a neighbor you\'ve known for years and what a pleasure to encounter such great service! I can only hope the elliptstrider is as superior in quality as Chris. I feel comfortable about this investment in my fitness thus far. I'll keep you posted!

No one has ever been pushy just very helpful!!!

Whenever I have called you have the nicest people working for you. No one has ever been pushy just very helpful!!! Jared Zinda was an excellent sales person and very helpful and kind, I will highly recommend you to other people, we are so excited to get our Elliptical, and I am thankful for Jareds wonderful help and advice!!!

Thank You,

Fitness Blowout - "fast, professional, and friendly"

Geoffrey was fast, professional, and friendly in helping me with my order. I was facing difficulties with an unusual issue, but when I spoke to Geoffrey, he helped me immediately solve my problems.


Fitness has been the most rewarding experience I've had when shopping online...

Fitness has been the most rewarding experience I've had when shopping online, after purchasing not one, but two 'Life Fitness' Recumbent Bikes over the last 3
years. I will always shop for ALL my fitness equipment with them because of pricing and service and product knowledge and product quality.......A++ Rating.

Fitness Blowout Customer Service Review

Martin is very helpful and understandable. He is a great asset to your company.

Client Testimonial for Fitness Blowout Rep Brad Keys

Very Excellent in all areas of service, detailed knowledge of product was very helpful.

Great Experience with Martin Familglietti at

Most Excellent Service and very timely, solved a very detailed problem in very short order, then called back to inform me of the new status of my order.


The staff at was extremely helpful...

The staff at was extremely helpful and gave me the best deal I could find in addition to guaranteeing the price I paid against any others for 1 year. You can't go wrong! I will definitely use them again for my professional and personal equipment needs.

Jonathan was very polite, patient and informative...

Jonathan was very polite, patient and informative. I am excited to receive the Climber. I first discovered the climber at the gym. I like it as it is smaller than a Treadmill and has more incline/decline.

Fitness Blowout Customer Service Review

Very good support & customer service. They helped us take the machine into the house. Very timely delivery.

I would recommend Fitness Blowout to anyone who is interested in equipment...

I would recommend Fitness Blowout to anyone who is interested in equipment to better their health. The people are very friendly and informative and the service is excellent.

I own a gym I buy literally every piece of equipment from

Excellent customer service, excellent product line, and excellent quality all add up to an unrivaled shopping experience. I own a gym I buy literally every piece of equipment from Their "sales" reps are personal trainers who care more about helping people get fit than they do about making sales. They know a lot about working out and training and give great recommendations on equipment that works with any budget.

No Doubt the best customer service and respect I have ever received.

A. W. from Hudson, New York

Working with Fitness Blowout has been a very relaxing and nice experience...

Geoffrey is a very nice and caring representative. He does all he can to help and gives full information to let you know where everything stands. I appreciate the way Jonathan Berans helped me too the night I purchased this treadmill. Working with Fitness Blowout has been a very relaxing and nice experience compared with so many places that just don\'t care once they make the sale.

Thanks again,

The Birkhimer Family Loves Their New Treadmill From Fitness Blowout!

We purchased a free motion 5.6 T.V. treadmill from Fitness blow out on Oct 13th 2010, we have had it for almost a week now and the whole family has been using it and its a wonderful machine, we all love it. We love the T.V. part of the treadmill it keeps you motivated while you are working out.I like to say how well built the machine is and how sturdy it is. we have had it up 8 mph and it doesn't wobble or move at all. We work with Steve Barzilai V.P. of sales and he was very pleasant to work with and helped us greatly through out the process. We received the unit in approx 6 days after we ordered it and the trucking company put it right beside our garage door.

We have told all of our friends and family in Ohio about the great experience we had and suggested to all of them if they want a wonderful piece of fitness equipment go to there web site.

The Birkhimers

Steve was amazing...

Steve was amazing. He got me financed as quickly as possible, went through the warranty, and gave me lots of throw-ins (lifetime extra belt warranty, etc...). I feel very comfortable buying this treadmill fro fitness blowout.

Just ordered a Freemotion USA Gym...

Just ordered a Freemotion USA Gym Quality 5.6tv with Digital tv from Jared Zinda. It was really a pleasure talking to him, he was very imformative on the product I was buying and the product I was considering from another retailer. He told me the differnet option and what I needed to know to make a smart decision. If you are looking to buy a treadmill call and ask to speak to Jared.

Fitness Blowout was a dream to work with!

Fitness Blowout was a dream to work with. The no pressure attitude from my salesperson Steve was unexpected. Steve went through all the features that I was looking for in a treadmill, described the item, and priced it for me. He went over the warranty in detail, and gave me a discount on an upgraded warranty for my treadmill belt.

He even got me packaged and financed in under 15 minutes. I feel very confident making this purchase with Fitness Blowout. Great price also. When compared to other retailers, their warranty, price, and customer service couldn't be beat. Plus, after all this, I got free shipping and a lifetime warranty for free on all major parts.

5 Stars for Fitness Blowout Rep Nick!!!

It seems angels lead me to the right place at the right time, when I decided to purchase a treadmill. This buying decision, of course, is made to improve my health, (I'm 64, and know with winter coming .. I'd be 'roosting' instead of outside walking!)

I wish people like 'Nick' (your sales representative) were on the other end of every product and service I buy. I can't remember a more pleasant buying experience.

I would rate him a solid "5 Star" on company pride, product and service knowledgeability, and good old KINDNESS and CARING in helping me decide what to buy.

I'm positive I could not have gotten a better deal, equipment and warranties, AND salesperson, ANYWHERE on the GLOBE!

Positive Feedback for Steve - Fitness Blowout VP of Sales

Steve was very helpful in chosing a treadmill. He was also very professional and knowledgeable about the equipment and final papers.

Thank you!

Retired Police Officer Purchases Elliptical from Fitness Blowout

April, 2009, I retired from the Cleveland Police Department, after suffering too many injuries on and off duty -- my nickname was Ms. Knievel (though, with the amount of Titanium, in every major part of my body, including my neck -- I think I have him beat!).

Well, after the euphoria rubbed off from being retired, the weight gain has slowly crept up. Having limited physical capabilities, I decided to invest in an elliptical machine. We had one in the police gym and it was the only piece of equipment that didn't give my body a beating, especially my knees (one which has been completely rebuilt).

After doing some research, including Consumer Reports, I decided to invest in the Diamondback 1260EF. Researching the web, I came across I spoke with Brad Keyes and he made the purchase a complete pleasure. Answered every question and was very knowledgeable. Due to my remodel from hell, he assured me that the shipment could be delayed until I was ready for it -- a relief, since I have no room and everything is covered in dust!

FitnessBlowout offers the BEST PRICE, AND A LIFETIME WARRANTY to boot -- can't beat it! I would recommend this company to all my friends. Top Notch!